Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes


The Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes campaign has been designed to re-introduce residents to the incredible collection of Museums and Galleries on the Isle of Wight and strengthen a sense of pride in the place we live.

Why Hidden Heroes?
The project shines a light on those who have achieved remarkable things whilst on the Isle of Wight.

They might not be ‘heroes’ in the life-saving sense of the word, but rather people who have innovated, held seats of power during difficult times, inspired those around them or just someone who did things differently. That’s how we roll on the Island.

Through these Hidden Heroes we delve into the past to bring them to life and tell the story of the Isle of Wight, from the Dinosaur Age right through to the Facebook Age.

The list is endless
As the project evolves, experts from the Partner Venues will submit their own favourite Hidden Heroes and later on in the project, the general public will be invited to nominate their own ‘Hidden Heroes’.

Whether that is Aunty Mabel who pulled her children out from the rubble of a bombed building during the blitz, or a relative who invented something incredible in their garden shed.

Supported by Arts Council England
This audience-engagement programme has been funded by Arts Council England as part of a larger Resilience Project.Arts Council Grant black on clear - 70px high

Initially intended to run until end of March 2018, it’s hoped the Hidden Heroes Website will continually evolve, providing a legacy for the work carried out by Museum Partners and engagement consultants, OnTheWight, Ventnor Exchange and Beachy Books.

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