Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes


If you are a Hidden Heroes partner or fellow traveller, our Brand Guidelines, Hidden Heroes logos and graphics will help with your creation of any necessary marketing material for events you plan to hold.

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Educational Resources
If you are a teacher, feel free to download our Primary School Education Resource Packs for each of the seven headline Hidden Heroes, created by Philip Bell of Beachy Books.

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Other downloads
You can download the high-resolution print versions, or low-resolution Web versions, of the Hidden Heroes logo below. Details of what size they should be, position on the page, etc., can be found in the Brand Guidelines. Do please read through the Guidelines to ensure you’re using the chosen colour palette and fonts for any material that you produce.

You can also download high res versions of the Hidden Hero silhouettes as well as a zipped folder containing the high res versions of all line drawings and half tone illustrations.

Ensuring the guidelines are adhered to will reinforce the Identity of the project every time the general public see something related to Hidden Heroes.

Profiles of your Hidden Heroes
Following the launch of the seven initial Hidden Heroes, partners and fellow travellers are invited to submit their favourite Hidden Heroes.

If there is someone you feel passionately should be highlighted as part of this project, please submit your profile of that person by emailing

The profile copy should following these guidelines:

  • Up to 1,000 words
  • Make sure it is exciting, enthused, and building a sense of pride
  • Why is your Hero important?
  • What did they do?
  • Why should I be interested in them?
  • Which venue are they related to

Please also add links to any online references and photos of your hero or any objects related to them.

(click images to open, then right click to save)

Brand Guidelines Hidden Heroes Brand Guidelines
Logos Web Colour (JPG)
HH logo colour
Web Mono (JPG)
HH logo mono
Web Reversed (white with transparent background) (JPG)
HH logo Reversed
Print Colour (PDF)
HH logo colour
Print Mono (PDF)
HH logo mono
Print Reversed (white with transparent background) (PDF)
HH logo Reversed
Arts Council logos The Arts Council logo must be included on all material. It can be downloaded directly from the ACE Website
Arts Council Grant black on clear - 70px high
Line drawing illustrations

–>Download zipped folder<-- Unzip on your hard drive.
The folder contains line drawings and half tone drawings
(Click to open in new window, then download)
Rev William Fox
King Arwald
Isabella de Fortibus
Julia Margaret Cameron
Joe Carstairs
John Ackroyd
Andy Stanford Clark
Educational Resources
Teacher Pack for Rev William Fox (PDF)
Teacher Pack for King Arwald (PDF)
Teacher Pack for Isabella de Fortibus (PDF)
Teacher Pack for Julia Margaret Cameron (PDF)
Teacher Pack for Marion ‘Joe’ Carstairs (PDF)
Teacher Pack for John Ackroyd (PDF)
Teacher Pack for Andy Stanford-Clark (PDF)