Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes

The founders of eco fashion company Rapanui, Martin and Rob Drake-Knight, are nominated as Hidden Heroes by Chris Cowley.

Martin and Rob are fairly well-known on the Island as founders of eco fashion company Rapanui.

From starting out in an industrial unit in Bembridge, they've grown the business to now occupy the old Co-op supermarket in Freshwater and have had quite a journey along the way.

Constantly developing staff and providing opportunities to get into not just a fashion or production, but a tech business on the Island, is just one of the reasons why I'm nominating them.

Their years of campaigning around plastics is also highly commended, but if you dig deeper in to the workings of the Rapanui and Tee-Mill factory, you'll see a burgeoning team working on AI, automation and robotics.

Not bad for a little fashion company on the Isle of Wight?


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