Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes

Share your IW Hidden Heroes and help unearth the people who haven’t been acknowledged for their remarkable contribution to life on the Isle of Wight and beyond.

As you will now know, Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes celebrates remarkable people who have done remarkable things whilst living on the Island and has a whole host of exciting events taking place this year.

Our professionals have already added some their Heroes to the Website (discover them here), so now it's your turn to share details of the people you feel have done something remarkable whilst on the Island.

The hope is that some of your Heroes might be incorporated into a major exhibition at Quay Arts next month, so you could see the face of your Hidden Heroes up on the gallery wall.

Tell your stories
Do you have a relative or ancestor who has achieved something of note whilst on the Isle of Wight?

Perhaps it's Auntie Mabel, who pulled her children out from the rubble of a bombed building during the war; or a relative who worked as a midwife delivering babies for 30 years; or the friend down the road who invented something incredible in their garden shed.

Your Heroes can be as wide-reaching as you like. It’s all about unearthing the people who haven’t been acknowledged.

How to do it
To share details of your Hidden Heroes complete the form to share your stories and photos.

You can submit as many Hidden Heroes as you like, don’t feel like you have to hold back. This way, the pride you have in your ancestors can be shared with the rest of the Isle of Wight.

Image: brian-m under CC BY 2.0



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