Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes

Check out the many Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes exhibitions across the Isle of Wight.

Several museums and galleries around the Isle of Wight have now opened their dedicated Hidden Heroes exhibitions.

Artists, curators, historians and more have been busy gathering, making, building and creating to bring you some very special visual treats.

Hidden Heroes at Quay Arts
Running until 24th March Quay Arts in Newport is hosting an exhibition like no other you've seen before.

With a focus on the seven headline Hidden Heroes, expect to see some extraordinary and highly-innovative commissioned artworks. From puppet-making to 3D modelling, with one artwork even being controlled through the Internet of Things and your tweets.

The artworks will be on show alongside some precious and fascinating items from the Heritage Service's collection.

Maritime heroes at the Classic Boat Museum Gallery
Also now open and running until the end of September is the Hidden Heroes exhibition at the Classic Boat Museum Gallery in East Cowes.

Expect to see a wealth of information, objects and photos of 'Joe' Carstairs, a hugely eccentric and an openly gay, powerboat racer who set up her own boat yard on the Island in the 1920s. She was known in the 20s as 'the fastest woman on water'.

You'll also be able to find out more about many more maritime heroes including Uffa Fox, yacht and boat designer, adviser to the admiralty, friend of the Royals and a renowned Cowes Character.

Queens and smugglers at Carisbrooke Castle Museum
The Carisbrooke Castle Museum Exhibition is also now open and runs throughout the year until 28th October 2018.

The team at this brilliant museum have created new displays to celebrate the diverse Hidden Heroes of the Isle of Wight. Stories include the father of Seismology (the study of earthquakes), intrepid smugglers turned life-saving lifeboat men, people who celebrated and saved the Island’s culture and heritage and those who took a stand for what they believed in, often against the established ways of their time.

And there's more
There are also many more IW Hidden Heroes events taking place over the Island in the coming weeks, including an exhibition at the Museum of Island History at Guildhall in Newport which is on right now.

Don't forget there is a series of Hidden Heroes Talks at Quay Arts.



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