Isle of Wight Hidden Heroes

The pioneering Victorian photographer provides great inspiration to meteorologist and artist, Tomasz Schafernaker.

Dimbola Museum and Galleries and Isle of Wight Hidden Hero, Julia Margaret Cameron, are back on the BBC.

Both feature in the BBC1 programme, Civilisations Stories - Art, Us and the Truth (7.30pm).

Schafernaker's inspiration
Presented by the well-known meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker, who happens to be an superb portrait artist (see some of his work below), the programme tours of some of the south of England's art treasures.

During the snow period, Tomasz makes a visit to Dimbola to meet Gail Middleton and discovers more about the captivating portraits by the pioneering Victorian photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron, inspiring him to take more risks with his own art.

Work by Tomasz Schafernaker
Watch this short video to see just how great an artist, Tomasz is.

Tune into BBC1 at 7.30pm or catch up after the broadcast on iPlayer.

Image: © BBC


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